About us

The Hotel Noll, is a family run business with deep roots.

In March 1946, pastry chef Max Noll opened the Café and Noll pastry shop in an American barrack.

In 1952 the company moved to a new building at the present location, and the hotel was opened immediately. Initially with only two floors, the house was extended in 1971 by two additional floors.

In 1977, the husband and wife, Manfred and Ursula Noll-Baues, took over the management. Later, the business went first to the daughter Andrea, and even later, as this increasingly wanted to take care of their family, to the son Volker, on.

In 2017, all rooms were equipped with modern MIG windows, and elaborate renovations were begun to bring the rooms up to a modern and aesthetic standard.

Finally, in 2018, the entire front of the house was redesigned and adapted in color to the concept of the avenue. Also in 2018, the Hotel Noll was officially rated and classified by the "German Hotel and Restaurant Association."


 You can park approx. 50 metres opposite in the underground car park.

 Here you can also charge your electric car!

 We are on Freifunk (free wireless)

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